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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! Hopefully you’ll love what we’re doing and you enjoy the price point and will want to stay with us as we grow our library of new videos and games, but, if for any reason you would like to cancel you plan, you are always welcome to do so at any point in time.

How Catholic are they? Well… they are SUPER Catholic! :) We don’t stray away from any of the teachings of the Catholic Church, eg: the teachings found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

We are excited to be a part of your faith journey and your mission as a parent or educator to help pass on the awesomeness of the Catholic faith. So, on that note, your subscription to will include games and videos about Saints, The Sacraments, Mother Mary, the Rosary, Catholic traditions like the Stations of the Cross and more.

We’ll include Sacred Art, as well as Pixel Art, Paintings of Saints as well as puppets, polyphony and pop music. In other words, what we do will include a variety of styles both traditional and “modern”in terms of style. We think it’s important to introduce children to the beauty and tradition of Sacred Art and Sacred music and you’ll see alot of that on here. We’re also not going to shy away from using fun and upbeat music and imagery and characters to help teach the faith! In summary, on you’ll find a healthy mix or sacred and fun, all pointed towards helping children to know and love God and the awesomeness of the Catholic faith.

We’ll be adding at least 2 new games a month. We’ll also be adding at least 2 new videos a month though most months you will likely see more than 2 games and videos added each month. The goal is to add alot more each month as the site grows and the subscriptions increase. So sign up and tell your friends and family about this site and help us to spread the word and grow our content!