10 awesome Catholic TV shows for kids

10 awesome Catholic TV shows for kids

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of ten of the best Catholic TV shows for kids

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of ten of the best Catholic TV shows for kids

In alphabetical order

The Wonderful World of

Benjamin Cello

Benjamin Cello is a good hearted, wholesome video series for kids featuring  an array of fun and entertaining characters, creative set designs, original music and solid biblical teaching lead by a family of  talented and creative Catholic musicians and actors.

“In The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello, we show children the beauty of a virtuous life. From preaching the Word to overcoming evil with good, The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello will illuminate your child’s mind with the truth of God.” – Benjamin Cello Facebook Page.

Where to watch: Formed.org and kin.club


Blessed is an animated video series designed to help prepare children for first reconcilation and first communion. Created by Dynamic Catholic and an Emmy Award winning animation studio, this sacramental prep video series feature an incredible 12 seasons of content with over 80 very high quality animated episodes. Blessed is a treasure chest of engaging and authentically Catholic videos for kids.

Where to watch: dynamiccatholic.com
(Free to stream all episodes or free DVDs available with paid shipping)

Brother Francis

Brother Francis is probably the most well know name in Catholic media for kids out there, and there’s a good reason for that. The Brother Francis series is a really fun, creative and faith-filled animated Catholic video series for kids. The music is catchy and the writing is stellar. Brother Francis makes a great host for the series, walking children through Catholic based stories and lessons in fun, honest and creative ways. “With over 300 products created especially for Catholic children, don’t miss the companion coloring books, readers, prayer cards, flash cards, posters, games and more.” -brotherfrancis.com

Where to watch: brotherfrancis.com  and Formed.org


CatChat is a Catholic video and audio series. This series is a highly musical, creative and fun series for kids. Founded by Gerald & Denise Montpetit, CatChat is a family based ministry featuring regular appearances from the 5 Montpetit children. Celebrating their 20th year of operation in 2021, “Cat.Chat has created a bank of Catholic music and resources that have proven to be ‘classics’ for families, schools and churches.” – catchat.ca

Where to watch: EWTN and Formed.org
Official Website: catchat.ca

The Little Douglings Pray and Play

The “Little Douglings Pray and Play” is a fun and creative family show produced by Shalom World TV for Catholic children during the season of advent. The show features Carrissa Douglass and her 12 children, also know as the “little Douglings”. Each episode features stories, prayers and arts and crafts projects with Carissa and her little Douglings.

Where to watch: SW Pals
Official Website: littledouglings.com


Lukas Storyteller

Lukas Storyteller is a 3D animated video series featuring Lukas, a fun loving animated fish character and a group of his underwater friends as they explore the lives of the Saints and how we can live virtuous, and holy lives. The writing and animation in this series really bring the lives of the Saints to life in an adventerious, fun and easy to understand, truely engaging way for children. This series is truely a “pearl” in the ocean of media out there for kids.

Where to watch:cccofamerica.com and Formed.org

The Opus Joyous Show

The Opus Joyous Show is an epic Catholic video series for kids combining rich Catholic symbolism weaved thoughout a story about responding to Christ’s call to overcome the challenges of evil with heroic virtue, faith and prayer. The story features a group of Catholic children who must leave the comforts of their normal life behind as they head out across the ocean on an epic quest to save the world from total darkness.  The show features an array of fun and quirky puppet characters, original music and a teaching / catechism session at the end of each episode.

Where to watch: opusjoyous.com and Formed.org

Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism

The “Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism” is a beautifully produced Catholic Catechetical video series for children, like no other. Each video in the series is based on the teachings from the classic “Baltimore” Catechism” and features an array of beautiful and inspiring sacred imagery and music. “Drawing on the message of Our Blessed Mother and following the example of the three children at Fatima, Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism has been created for the whole family to deepen their knowledge and love of our Catholic Faith.” olrfamilycatechism.com

Where to watch: olrfamilycatechism.com

The Saints and Heroes Collection

The Saints and Heroes collection is a professionally produced animated video series for children featuring cartoon stories of  the Lives of the Saints. This award winning series is one of the best Catholic video series ever created. Produced by Catholic media for children pioners, CCC of America, this series features Saints such as St. Bernadette and the story of Lourdes, Juan Diego and our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Francis Xavier and St. Nicholas and many many more.

Where to watch: CCC of America and Formed.org

Studio 3:16

Studio 3:16 is a newcomer to the Catholic media for kids scene and they have come out of the gate running! This “Hollywood-level” production uses humor, music and storyteller to educate children and teens about the Catholic faith. It’s a show in a league of it’s own in terms of the style. It’s kind of like “Saved by the Bell” in terms of production quality and style, mashed with Catechism class with the most fun and creative Youth Minster you can find out there who is not afraid to be silly when needed or reverent when appropriate. It’s a fun, faith filled show worth checking out.

Where to watch: Studio 3:16 website

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